18th December '19

The reason of this title for my post is because this day is close to my heart and I want to save it somewhere permanently. This story has a heroine and her hero. As most of us aware, opening up to someone has never been an easy thing to be done in one’s life. And she did it today. She opened herself up to the one she loves the most. Of course she was really busy finding for the correct words and arranging them in order to tell him. But she was reminded to wipe away her tears by her love. Talking about her childhood started when he compared her two sisters and said something about her second sister. She started tearing up and she hung up the phone. Then, on the second call, she started unfolding the deep pages of her awful secrets. And the story included her sister. She thought this would be the best way to justify her sister’s honesty and kind heart. And then, her story comes in. Her story was not really as awful as her sister’s but the effect is enormous since she is experiencing it till the date. He, on the other end, just kept silent and listened to all of her stories. She just couldn’t tell the whole story inch by inch but she told everything that she wished to say. She didn’t want to keep anything hidden from him. SO, she let everything out. At the end, he just say a few words. “All of these have nothing to do with you anymore. Just forget everything and learn to move on, baby. I am here by your side. I always will. Life’s about forgetting the bitter part and moving on with the beautiful memories.” She asked him, “Will you still take me as your wife after hearing my awful story?”. And he replied, “Are you okay? When did I say that I am gonna leave you? Just stick with me.” She uttered,”FOREVER”..

As a starter..

An ordinary human being who wants humans to hear and live along with her.

I am a student who is eagerly waiting for an end to my college life because I have never exposed to the world in my twenty four years. Being a daughter of a conservative family has never been an easy way but it was a blessing with ache for a corner of my heart. Being controlled and pampered a lot might be a luck for some, but ask me a question. “How’s it?”.. Well, you will have a hand is covering and defending you from any harm but the hand will never going to leave you uncovered. That is the thing that you will fail to realize. Well I have many hands, in my case. Arts is my passion but never got a chance to lead a way towards it. No. Not a chance. Has been thrown to a journey as a teacher and yes, I am not a fan of it but who cares, huh? Not a living soul.

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